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Stephan Brumme
Frankenfelder Str. 6
14943 Luckenwalde
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German grades

The grades range from 1.0 ("excellent") to 5.0 ("failed").
There are several nuances:

My final average grade is 1.4 ("very good").
In my eyes the average grade of all  HPI bachelor students is somewhere between 2.3 and 2.7. Thus, I am quite confident that I belong to the Top 10% of the HPI students.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

The official certificate:

-  deutsch
-  english

Below are scans of the official grades of semesters 1 to 6. They are written in German:

-  1st semester (winter 1999/2000)
-  2nd semester (summer 2000), part A
-  2nd semester (summer 2000), part B
-  3rd semester (winter 2000/2001), part A
-  3rd semester (winter 2000/2001), part B
-  4th semester (summer 2001), part A
-  4th semester (summer 2001), part B
-  5th semester (winter 2001/2002), part A
-  5th semester (winter 2001/2002), part B
-  6th semester (summer 2002), part A
-  6th semester (summer 2002), part B

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