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Twister Online

Matthias Ziehe recently published an early alpha version of Twister.
Unlike its predecessor, you only need a internet browser and a  Flash™ plug-in.
Take a  look !
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The Story

Back in 1996 and 1997 I spent many hours on creating two stunning games: Blox and Twister.
Because I am not an artist (neither musician nor painter) and due to the big black hole in my brain - where usually the source of weird ideas resides - these games are the result of teamwork.
We called ourselves LiZARD but noone can remember the reason yet. Let's blame it on the alcohol. Our team (in no special order):

nickname real name occupation

EXPiRE Matthias Ziehe graphics and code
MABU Matthias Buchhorn music
ZåN Stephan Brumme (that's me !) code

Remember, these games were made in the mid-90s ! Don't expect any 3D-ultra-hyper-cool effects - expect fun. They are MS-DOS based, maybe you will get some trouble with PCI soundcards or Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/.NET.

Blox  Download (ca. 120 KBytes, zipped)
Our first game and (very thrilling) a Tetris clone. Should be the 123.456.789th one.
Quite unique is the teamplay mode which allows 2 players building blocks together. Your only enemy is time - your only aim is to get another unbelievable high score.

Minimum requirements: 386 CPU, 1 MB RAM
Soundblaster or compatible sound card
MS DOS 3.3

Twister  Download (ca. 750 KBytes, zipped)
It's a game about a twisted mosaic. Your mission is to restore the original picture.
The best way to get an idea of what it is all about is to take a look at  EXPiRE's new web page. It is still under construction (he wrote every line of code again because he doesn't have the original source code).
Actually, even the original game is in beta stage. Some years ago we froze the sources so there won't be a final version anymore.

Minimum requirements: 386 CPU, 4 MB RAM, mouse
Soundblaster or compatible sound card
MS DOS 3.3
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